Camp solutions 2
SAPEX provides turnkey solutions for camp facilities

SAPEX provides a holistic solution to clients needing to build cost effective accommodation camps using state of the art construction technologies. These solutions start by delivering accommodation requirements on time and in budget, and extend through a broad range of services to allow the full outsourcing of accommodation camp provision.

Sapex offer a turnkey construction solution that aims to cater for every clients needs across south east Asia. We understands the challenges presented by remote locations and the need for fast and effective solutions to help drive productivity. Our goal is to assist our clients in providing the ultimate in camp facilities to suit any of your remote camp, temporary building or mining project needs.


Sapex will provide and design telecom solutions

SAPEX will design tailor-made telecom solutions to meet the needs of our customers, and this is why we are working with different leading Satellite fleets that assure the full coverage needed, with the most appropriate technology for each service.

At SAPEX, we supply our clients with top quality VSAT systems, to ensure you get the best connectivity wherever you are, whether it be in a tropical jungle in the middle of Sumatra or on a tanker cruising through the Pacific Ocean.