SAPEX works as an independent international oilfield service company, offering 24-Hour drilling, completion and work-over service support to our customers, World-Wide. With fully trained and qualified personnel, we are fully equipped to provide complete backup technical, engineering and field support services to our customers in the installation, operation and maintenance of all equipment that we provide on both Sale and Rental basis.

The SAPEX brand of custom-made downhole equipment is manufactured in the USA, specifically to meet our customer requirements and to our specifications. SAPEX offers a complete line of Completion Tools, Drilling and Fishing Equipment, Service Tools and related accessories, all designed to meet the needs and operating conditions of our customers.

SAPEX brand Equipment includes (but is not limited to):

– Single / Dual string retrievable / permanent completion packers & accessories

– Thermal, steam flood, water flood and gaslift completion equipment

– Flow control equipment – Sliding sleeves, seating nipples, plugs, etc.

– Wire line tools, coiled tubing tools and accessories

– Expansion joints, on/off tools, PBR assemblies

– Conventional gravel pack equipment

– Retrievable scab liner systems, permanent internal casing patches

– Service tools, squeeze packers, RBP’s, perforation wash tools

– Cement retainers and permanent bridge plugs (mechanical and wire line set)

– Tubing Swivels

– ECP’s, inflatable packer systems

– Liner hanger system (mechanical and hydraulic)

Completions, Fishing Services, Testing Services, Straight Equipment Supply and New Product Development briefly summarize SAPEX’s broad ranging capabilities in the unique and exciting world of oilfield customer services and Requirements.


SAPEX service capabilities include:

– All completion and wire line services

– Liner hanger services

– External casing packer and inflatable packer services

– DST / formation evaluation – open / cased hole, conventional or inflatable

– Fishing tool sales and rentals complete with fishing services

– Drilling tool sales and rentals – hole openers, under-reamers and stabilizers

– Completion and drilling equipment repair and redressing services

SAPEX Oilfield Services Ltd. serves as a trusted Ally and Business Partner to International Oilfield Companies operating in and around the south East Asian Region. Specifically, SAPEX has qualified itself as an unparalleled Completion Solutions / Services and Oil Tool Equipment Provider, and, as such, strives to further its Service and Supply capabilities in order to better support, build and maintain Customer Loyalty. SAPEX provides full backup technical and engineering support for the installation, repair and maintenance of all equipment and services we provide.