SAPEX containerized accommodation and offices are excellent products and the result of many years of experience of supplying the commercial market that demands exacting standards of comfort, durability and ease of use. Considerable design effort over the years has ensured that the traditional problems often associated with living and working in containers have been eliminated.


Complete containerised solutions

The first SAPEX containerised building was a simple office. A program of continual development has generated a product adaptable for many uses.

SAPEX has successfully designed, built and installed containerised buildings complete with kitchens and dinning rooms, virtual villages of accommodation, multi-storey office complexes, showers and toilets, bakeries, schools and even exhibition spaces.


Containerised building benefits

‐ Flexibility of dimensions to meet your individual requirements

‐ Non-flammable and environmentally friendly materials (panels have a mineral wool core)

‐ A range of colour options (RAL scale – the standard colour is RAL 9002)

‐ Quick delivery and installation

‐ Technical support

After sales support


Flexible and fast installation

SAPEX containerised buildings can be flat-packed to reduce transport cost and are easy to build and install. These ‘plug and play’ buildings require only plumbing and electrical connections to be established before they can be used.

SAPEX containerised buildings are flexible enough to cope with the potential growth of any installation. SAPEX has developed containerised buildings which are completely modular, and should the need arise others can be joined together to create larger open spaces, placed on top, or at the side. A system of interchangeable wall panels offers great flexibility in floor plans. A wide selection of additional elements is also available that enables the installation of containers to suit a particular environment.


Wide range of products

The SAPEX range of containerised products includes the essential living components for personnel living and working in remote conditions or where the necessary infrastructure is lacking. These designs have been perfected over many years and include accommodation, offices, launderettes, ablutions, kitchens, recreational areas, briefing rooms and cinemas as well as shops, stores, etc.

SAPEX designs and supplies a total package. Integrated walkways, corridors, staircases and secondary roofing are also available that will enhance and complete your facility. These system components are delivered fully pre-configured to reduce on-site construction time and minimize logistical complexity.